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A Renewed Mind
    Changes your LifeStyle!

Personal Life Coaching

Can we work together?
Despite all of the Life Coaches available – I do believe there is someone for everyone.

Therefore, it is important that we find harmony in working together so that we can bring to fruition the end result we are both seeking.

Building Confidence

Overcoming your fears

When an opportunity is presented, fear will cause you NOT to take it. Fear can cause you to be soo heartbroken that you began to lose confidence in yourself. Fear is an emotion that is cause by our own negative thinking. Example: Something is going to go wrong.

3 Ways to Build Confidence

1 Identify the fear.

2 Write them down.

3 Face them head on.


Changing the way you think, changes the way you live

Our life should be full of excitement. You can receive this abundance and truly enjoy it, which was freely given. However, if you choose not, you may continue to live the average lifestyle. Why? Simply because of a negative mindset. Changing the way, you think can change your lifestyle.

3 Points to Rewarding Lifestyle

1 Take charge of your thoughts.

2 Change the way you see things.

3 Change what you are saying about yourself.

4 Adopt an abundance mindset.


Re-connect with your true self, the divine part of you

Knowing who you are can make a big difference in your life. You were made by the Creator of life.  You are a part of the divine God. He is the Vine and you are the brances. You are a store house for the power of God and can do above and beyond the natural man’s capability. 

How to Re-Connecting with You True Self

1 Accept the truth that you are a divine being made in God’s image and likeness.

2 Know that God indwells you.

3 Live in the awareness that you and the Father are One.


Family should be built on love

Man is made by love and love lives in man. So, love is a natural state of being for you. You inherent the desire to nurture and care. Love never seeks to harm anyone but create a foundation on which anyone who is seeking to experience true happiness can build.

Building a Strong Relationship

1 See others the way God sees them.

2 Forgive others.

3 Give of yourself joyfully.

We Will Work Amazingly Togther And You Will Experience Results Rapidly


?You can connect with my story and if I connect with you and your story – 

?You are willing to invest in yourself to achieve the change you desire – 

?You are willing to be 100% committed and to do whatever it takes to get to your goals.

We Will Not Work Amazingly Together And You Will Not Get The Results Yor Are Expecting


?You are not committed to  change – 

?You are more worried about how much it cost to have a personal coach than the results you will achieve at the end of the life coaching program – 

?You are persuaded by someone else to get a life coach.

What is The Process Like?

Here are five (5) ways you may experience transformation in your life from working with me….

Step 1. Clarity on who you really are.

Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
What is your purpose?

Step 2. Clarity on what you really want in life.

Learn to make sure confident decisions.

Step 3. Experience more abundance in your life, mentally, physically and financially, by taking responsibility for your action.

Understanding that there is no one but you. You are the captian of this ship.

Step 4. A renewed motivation to enjoy life on a higher level, by understanding when you change your thinking you change your lifestyle.

Learning to redirect your thoughts to the center of all creation.

Step 5. Confidence to take the necessary steps that will ensure the change you are seeking.

Know in whom you believe and what you believe brings clarity and confidence.

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are the seeds we plant in our mind.

Just like the oak seed is destined to become a great oak tree; if the seed of the oak tree is place in good soil, nurtured and given sun light, it will evolve into a big tree.

Neglecting our garden can allow weeds to grow, and possible takeover the garden. To keep the weeds out, we must keep a constant watch over our garden for signs of weed and pluck them up by the root.

Your mind is like a garden, and the seed you plant are thoughts. It is very important that we plant the right seed. It has been said and proven, that what a man soweth that shall he reap. The harvest is determined by the seeds the planter choose.

Choosing the right thoughts is like choosing good seeds. Whether we accept this truth or not, it is a fact, that everything we have experience in life started with a thought.

A man becomes what he thinks. When he changes the way he thinks, he will change his lifestyle. The new way of thinking will convince him not to give up but to nurture the dream, even when things seem a bit cloudy at times, he focusses on the outcome and keep heading in the right direction.

Having a coach can be beneficial to you on this transformational journey in many ways. Things might get difficult at times and you may want to though in the towel at times. Your coach can serve as an accountability partner if you will allowed him. He can be your cheerleader and cheer you on while you obtain the results you are seeking to achieve.

Ask yourself:

  • How do you feel about your life right now?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is important to you right now?
  • What areas do you want to work on?
  • Describe your perfect world
  • What do you want to achieve as a result for each session?

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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